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*Fund prices marked with an (*) are updated after 12 NN on the next banking day. Price data are for information purposes only and shall not be conclusive unless otherwise verified and validated against the records of BPI Wealth.​

BPI Invest Short Term Fund

Suitable for investors with a moderately conservative risk profile, the fund seeks to provide liquidity and stable income through a diverse portfolio of primarily short-term fixed income investments.

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BPI Invest Sustainable Fund Suite

Suitable for investors looking to grow their wealth while contributing to a more sustainable future, the BPI Invest Sustainable Fund Suite uses a multi-theme approach to provide investors exposure to global ESG investment that can cater to their unique investment needs and profiles.

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BPI Invest Philippine Equity Index Fund

Suitable for investors with an aggresiive risk profile, the fund aims to provide investment returns that track the performance of the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) by investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks comprising the PSEi, to the extent practicable.

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