Time Deposit Accounts
Protect and grow your funds with higher interest rates. With BPI Time Deposit, you enjoy higher returns with no risk on your principal.
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What type of time deposits do you need?
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Automatic Renewal
Earn more than a regular savings account with a time deposit that automatically renews your placement with a fixed interest rate.
  • Your time deposit placement is automatically renewed so getting higher returns becomes hassle free.
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Grow your Foreign Funds
A time deposit account that lets you enjoy higher returns on your dollars and foreign currencies with no risk on your principal.
  • Get better rates than a regular US dollar or foreign currency savings account.
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Tax-Free High Returns
A five-year peso time deposit with a fixed interest rate for the entire term, protecting you from volatile market rate movements.
  • Get tax free interest earnings.
Deposit Rates
Earn more on your deposits with our competitive interest rates. We have varying rates depending on the type of accounts.
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