BPI Prepaid Cards Loading

If you have a BPI/ BPI Family Bank deposit account, you can easily transfer funds at your most convenient time from your BPI account to your BPI Prepaid Card through the following BPI electronic channels:

  • BPI Online
  • BPI Mobile App

If you don’t have a BPI / BPI Family Bank deposit account, you can still load your BPI Prepaid Card through BPI Cash Accept Machines.

Note: Maximum load per day is Php 100,000; aggregate of Php 500,000 per month.

Load Your BPI Prepaid Card

To load through BPI channels, follow the steps below:

BPI Online
BPI Online

One-time Loading
1. Log in to BPI Online using your BPI Online user ID and password.
2. Click “Transfer Money” tab, then “Load Prepaid Card” tab.
3. Choose a source account.
4. Enter the amount to be loaded.
5. Click “Load to 3rd party prepaid card”.
6. Key in the 16-digit BPI Prepaid Card number.
7. Click “Next”, then “Confirm” to confirm your loading transaction details.
8. Click “Yes” for the 6-digit code to be sent via SMS.
9. Enter the 6-digit code sent to your mobile number, then click “Submit”.
10. Click “Submit” and wait for the confirmation prompt.
11. The amount transferred will automatically be credited to your BPI Prepaid Card.

Scheduled Reloading

1. Log in to your BPI Online account.
2. Click the “Transfer Money” tab, then select the “Load Prepaid Card” tab.
3. Choose a source account and enter the amount to be loaded then click “Load to own prepaid card”.
4. Fill out the required details (i.e. frequency, number of loads, and the scheduled date).
5. Enter the One-Time PIN (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number.

You can also review your reload schedule in the "Other Services" tab. Make sure that your source account is sufficiently funded to ensure successful loading of your BPI Prepaid Card.

BPI Mobile App
BPI Mobile App

1. Log in to the new BPI Mobile app.
2. Tap the Side Menu icon found at the upper left corner of the screen.
3. Select “Transfer”, then select “Load Prepaid Card”.
4. Fill in the required details and tap “Next” to proceed.
5. Get the One-Time PIN (OTP) by tapping "Yes, send me the code".
6. Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number and tap "Submit".
7. The amount transferred will automatically be credited to your BPI Prepaid Card.

BPI Cash Accept Machines
BPI Cash Accept Machines

1. Insert your Amore Visa Prepaid, BPI ePay Mastercard or BPI ePay Visa in the card slot.
2. Select your preferred language.
3. Select “Cash Deposit” as transaction, then “Prepaid”.
4. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) for BPI ePay Mastercard and BPI ePay Visa Cards. For Amore Visa Prepaid Cards, enter the last 4 digits of your card number for the Personal Identification Number (PIN)
5. Insert notes/ money bills in the cash slot.
6. Verify your deposit amount and confirm.

If you have an Amore Visa Prepaid beep™ card, you can load your beep™ wallet at any of the 44 stations of the LRT and MRT and in select Bayad Center, Tambunting, Villarica and SM Bills Payment Counters.

For Amore Visa Prepaid with beep™, your card has 2 separate wallets: one with Visa wallet for purchasing online and in stores and one with beep™ wallet to pay at MRT, LRT, buses, and tollgates.

Here's the full list of Bayad Center branches offering beep™ card loading.

How to enroll my BPI Prepaid Card in BPI Online?

Enrollment in BPI Online is only available to BPI Deposits Account Holders. To enroll your card, visit any BPI Branch and request for prepaid card linking into your Deposit Account. Fill-out the form, affix your signature, and enjoy viewing your balance and transactions in your BPI Online Account.

Customer Support

For inquiries and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at ‎(+632) 889-10000.

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