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Frequently asked questions

How do I call BPI Phone Banking?

You may access these services by calling:

• 889-10000 for Metro Manila
• 1-800-188-89100 for domestic toll-free calls (available to PLDT subscribers)
International toll-free numbers
• +63 + 2 + 889-10000 for mobile phone users

For calls using mobile phone and non-toll free numbers, call charges may apply depending on your network operator.

Will I be charged when I call?

For calls using mobile phone and non-toll free numbers, call charges may apply depending on your network operator.

I am enrolled in Phone Banking. Will there be changes on how I access phone banking when I use my BPI Debit Mastercard?

Your access number and telephone identification number (TIN) will remain the same. It is highly recommended that you keep the old debit card so you have a reference for your access number.

Phone Banking features enrollment and resetting your telephone identification number (TIN) are currently unavailable. To access your account, log in to our online or mobile banking facilities.

What should I do if I forget my Phone Banking access number?

You may still access Phone Banking using your old BPI Debit Card. Simply key in the last 10 digits of the card number and the first digit of the card’s JAI.

However, if you no longer have your old BPI Debit card, you can enroll in our online and mobile banking facilities to access your account.

If I call a toll-free number, does that mean my call is free of charge?

No. Calling a toll-free number means that there is no additional toll rate on your call. Your telecommunication network’s landline calling rate will be followed.

Calls using mobile phone and non-toll free numbers will be subject to applicable Telco charges.

Why do I hear a busy tone or "call cannot be completed" error when I try to call a toll-free number?

This normally happens during peak hours when all toll free lines have been fully utilized. You may try calling again at a later time.

I have a joint account. Is my Phone Banking access enrollment shared with my co-depositor?

No. Each depositor should have his/her own access in Phone Banking.

• For account security, please avoid doing transactions on behalf of your co-depositor.
• For bills payment or funds transfer, the merchants are enrolled per access number. This means that you won’t be able to access the merchants/ funds transfer account enrolled by your co-depositor.

How do I input a period to indicate the decimal place for my transaction amount when doing funds transfers or bills payment?

When keying in amounts, the last 2 digits represent centavos. Example: Php 250.00 is 2-5-0-0-0; Php 25000.00 is 2-5-0-0-0-0-0. There is no need to input a period to indicate the decimal place.

I lost my ATM/credit card/express cash card, how do I block it using the self-service facility?

You may block your lost card by choosing Option 5 (To report a Lost Card) in the 889 10000 menu. Once you've chosen the option for Lost Card, follow the steps on how to block your card.

Can I inquire on my credit card account balance through Phone Banking?

Account balance inquiry for all BPI Credit Card types is available in Phone Banking except for e-credit card.

Make sure to key-in your card number correctly.

I want to transfer funds to another account. How do I do this?

The account you want to transfer funds to must be enrolled in your funds transfer list first. You can enroll through any BPI branch. Once the account is enrolled, the account number will be mentioned in the funds transfer menu.

I want to pay my bills using Phone Banking. How do I do this?

The bill you want to pay must be enrolled in your bills payment list. You can enroll through any BPI branch. Once the bill is enrolled, the biller name will be mentioned in the bills payment menu.

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