Pamana Padala
A remittance solution where you can remit your hard earned salaries and manage remittances effectively.
How to Apply
Required Initial Deposit

Php 500

Required Minimum Monthly ADB

Php 0*

Required Daily Balance to Earn Interest

Php 5,000**

Interest Rate (Per Annum)


*Waived as long as there are four (4) remittances a year.

**USD 500 for US Dollar accounts.

Account features
Save On Remittance Fees

Remit straight to your Pamana Padala account and enjoy lower fees compared to cash pick-up.

Remit Anytime

Transfer funds online or through the BPI Mobile app anytime.

Low Initial Deposit

You only need Php 500 to open an account.

Free Accident Insurance

Get a free personal accident insurance worth Php 100,000 for 90 days.

Free Life Insurance

Get free life insurance coverage of up to Php 300,000 or USD 6,000.

Available in US Dollar
Open a Pamana Padala Savings Account
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I already have an existing BPI account
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Frequently asked questions

How do I open a Pamana Padala account?

1. Visit any BPI branch near you.
2. Bring the following account opening requirements:
• One (1) original, valid ID with photo and signature
• Proof that you are an Overseas Filipino Worker
• Initial deposit of only Php 500 or USD 500

Check the complete list of deposit rates.

What should I provide as proof that I am an Overseas Filipino Worker?

You can present any of the following:

• Work Contract
• Work Visa / Work Permit
• Overseas employment certificate (from POEA)
• Seaman's book
• CFO Certificate
• PDOS Certificate
• Local residence ID

Who is eligible to open a Pamana Padala account?

BPI Pamana Padala is a remittance solution exclusive to Overseas Filipino Remitters (i.e. individuals based overseas for employment, 18-55 years old, there is no restriction on the country of destination).

A seafarer's regular allotment will not form part of the remittance count to be entitled to the free Remittance Continuation Plan. Only client initiated remittances will form part of the remittance continuation benefit.

What is remittance continuation benefit?

In case something unfortunate happens to the OF remitter, his family will continue to get remittance for 12 months.*

The account holder will get two types of insurances;

a. By opening an account, the OF remitter will automatically be entitled to a free 90-day Personal Accident Insurance with Php 100,000 coverage.
b. Account holder will be eligible to a free life insurance coverage of up to Php 300,000 for Peso Accounts or USD 6,000 for USD Accounts, effective on the 4th remittance within a 12-month period.

Terms and conditions apply

When will my coverage take effect?

a. Personal Accident Coverage
Your coverage takes effect on the date of account opening.

b. Life Coverage

Your coverage takes effect on your 4th remittance, provided that these remittances are made within a 12-month period.

When will my coverage end?

a. Personal Accident Coverage
You are covered for a period of 90 days from effective date of coverage. At the end of 90 days, your coverage will end.

b. Life Coverage
As long as you have at least 4 remittances in the past 12 months, you are covered. Your coverage will end on whichever is the earliest of:

- the Policy Anniversary date closest to your 56th birth date.
- the date your Policy is terminated.
- the date your Pamana Padala account is closed, or
- the Policy is discontinued by BPI.

What benefit does this provide?

a. Personal Accident Coverage
In case of death due to accident, a lump sum amount of Php 100,000 will be given to your beneficiary/ies.

b. Life Coverage

In case of death due to any natural or accidental cause, your beneficiary/ies will receive an amount equal to the total amount of remittances you have sent in the past 12 months prior to death. Maximum benefit amount and exclusions apply.

Who can I declare as beneficiary?

Personal Accident Coverage and Life Coverage

Your beneficiary must be someone who benefits from your continued existence and support and will suffer financial loss in the event of your death. A spouse, child, parent, or sibling can be typically designated as beneficiary.

A beneficiary can be revocable or irrevocable. For instance:

a. If you designated your spouse as a revocable beneficiary, you can make changes to your policy – including changing beneficiary/ies – at any time without the consent of your spouse.

b. If you designated your spouse as an irrevocable beneficiary, you are required to secure consent of your spouse before making any changes to your policy, including changing beneficiary/ies.

Is there a maximum amount that my beneficiary/ies can receive?

a. Personal Accident Coverage
The pay-out is fixed at Php 100,000. If multiple Pamana Padala accounts exist under your name, a cap of Php 500,000 applies.

b. Life Coverage

For Pamana Padala Peso accounts, a limit of Php 300,000 applies, regardless of the number of Pamana Padala Peso accounts under your name.

For Pamana Padala USD accounts, a limit of USD 6,000 applies, regardless of the number of Pamana Padala USD accounts under your name.

Are there any exclusions to the coverage that I should know?

a. Personal Accident Coverage
War, acts of terrorism and certain high-risk activities, among others, are not covered. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions at the back of your Certificate of Cover for the complete list of exclusions.

b. Life Coverage

Death due to pre-existing conditions* during the first year of coverage and death due to suicide for the first two years of coverage are not covered.

*Pre-existing condition means any illness or condition occurring before the effective date of the member’s coverage. For this purpose, an illness or condition has occurred when it has been investigated, diagnosed or treated or when its signs or symptoms have manifested with or without undergoing medical consultation.

How do I remit to my Pamana Padala account?

BPI has remittance tie ups located in key areas worldwide so you can remit to your account. Learn more

How do I refer your beneficiary to open a BPI Padala Moneyger account?

BPI Padala Moneyger account is an affordable savings account specially designed for those who receive remittances.

To refer your beneficiary, you will need to provide us their full name and contact details via e-mail at

Who do I contact for inquiries regarding Pamana Padala?

For any product related inquiries or to set an appointment, send us an email at You may also visit the nearest BPI branch in your area.

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